Test Kit Information

Testing Support

Testing support is available via Zoom on Wednesdays only from 10 a.m. to noon. Here is the Live Zoom link for new hires or anyone who has technical issues.

Test Kit Pickup

The last day for kit distribution at Frist was Friday, December 23. Test kits are now available 24-7 in the vestibule of McCosh.

Service Now orders will continue to be available for ordering and kits delivered directly to departments.

Pickup Details

Undergraduate students can pick up PCR and rapid antigen test kits from their residential college offices.

Graduate students can pick up their PCR and rapid antigen kits from the Porter’s Lodge at the Graduate College or from the office at Lakeside Apartments.

PCR kits are available in the vestibule of University Health Services at McCosh Infirmary with 24/7 access. 

Rapid antigen test kits are available for pick up at UHS.

Departments and offices can apply for kits to be delivered for their operations through ServiceNow.

Off-campus Testing

Testing is available at many locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Members of the University community looking for off-campus testing options can check the the Mercer County, NJ website, which lists testing sites in Mercer County

Visit the location’s website or call for information on how to get tested.

In addition to these testing sites, free rapid antigen tests covered by health insurance providers are available via pharmacies and other locations.

Ordering for Departments

Several staff departments such as the PU Libraries, Building Services, University Services and Campus Dining have arranged for kit delivery that is specific to their departments. Other departments and offices can apply for kits for their operations through ServiceNow. Once you complete the ServiceNow request, you will be given a window when your kits will be delivered. 

If you are an employee and unsure about where to pick up kits, please check with your department or assume you will need to come pick up your kits in the vestibule of University Health Services at McCosh Infirmary.

Test Kit Expiration

The PCR test kits provided by the University have an expiration date listed on the side of the tube. Based on information provided by the manufacturer, the kits can be used safely for one year past the expiration date.

If the kits you have on hand are more than one year past the expiration date, please do the following:

  • For a large number of expired kits (more than 50): Contact [email protected] to arrange for disposal
  • For a small number of expired kits (fewer than 50): Drop off at UHS during business hours

Please do not throw expired test kits in the trash.

Test kit inventory received and distributed is tracked, so please report any disposal of kits to [email protected]

Departments may order new kits through Service Now. Kits are also available 24/7 for pick up from vestibule of UHS (see Ordering for Departments section).