Report a Testing Absence

Faculty, staff, students, and affiliates who participate in the COVID-19 asymptomatic screening program are required to be tested monthly if vaccinated and boosted, and weekly if they have received an exemption from vaccination.  The Self-Report Testing Absence form allows participants to report ahead of their testing due date that they will miss one or more upcoming required tests.

If you are exempt from testing for 90 days because of a positive COVID diagnosis, or are actively in quarantine or isolation, you do not need to complete a Testing Absence Form. 

Accessing and using the absence form

Access the Self-Report Testing Absence Form through the TigerSafe app or Princeton Mobile app on your smartphone or directly on the web. You will need to log in with your Princeton NetID and password, and complete DUO authentication.

In the TigerSafe app, choose "Testing Kit," and then choose "Report a Testing Absence."

Log in with your NetID and password and authenticate using DUO, as directed. The form will be pre-populated with your name. Use the calendar button or type in the dates (MM/DD/YYYY) that your testing absence will begin and end. For example, if today is February 1, 2022, you are tested weekly and will not be on campus for the next two weeks, enter a start date of 02/01/2022 and an end date of 02/14/2022.

Use the drop-down menu to select the reason for the absence, then select "Submit."

Ensure that the dates indicated on one Testing Absence Form do not overlap with any dates from a previous or future Testing Absence Form to avoid any errors in processing your absence.

Screen shots showing "Test Kit" and "Report a Testing Absence" areas to click on TigerSafe app
Service portal screen shot showing how to submit data to report test absence









For More Information

For technical issues regarding the Self-Report Testing Absence Form, contact the OIT Help Desk at or 609-258-4357.

For questions about asymptomatic testing, email

For questions about the TigerSafe app, contact Environmental Health and Safety at or 609-258-5294.