Receiving Results

Receiving Your Results

All results received by UHS will solely be posted on the testing kit registration app. To find your results, please log in to the web app and click on the "Results" tab at the bottom of the screen.

Turnaround Time 

Please be assured you will receive notification of your results regardless of what the results are. We cannot guarantee turnaround times through the asymptomatic testing protocol, however. 

If you test positive for COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2), you will receive a phone call and email from the UHS Global and Community Health team as soon as we receive notice of your positive results. Contact tracing of your close contacts will begin immediately as well. 

Make sure your phone number is correctly listed with the University through HR Self Service (or TigerHub, if you are a student) so that Contact Tracers can reach you if needed. 

If you test negative for COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2), you will receive a results letter in the web app that you have tested negative. 

Explanation of Results from Testing Web App

Please note that we will not be able to tell you why your specific test kit may have received one of the following results.

Result Appearing in App Explanation of Result Action Needed, If Any
Pending Sample has been registered, but results not yet available Please wait at least three business days before contacting about your results
Result Not Available

If a sample does not receive a result in >14 days, a “pending” result will default to “Result not available.” May be due to:

  • Sample does not arrive at Lab
  • Kit scanned but no sample submitted
  • Contamination detected at collection site and sample was destroyed
  • Leakage in transit, discarded before reaching Lab

Please submit another sample on your regular testing schedule.

Inconclusive Click on “Inconclusive” result in web app to read the results report Please submit another sample on the next possible day. 
Defective Sample

Sample is defective and will not receive a result due to one of the following reasons:

  • Sample has no liquid in tube on arrival at the Lab
  • Insufficient quantity of liquid in tube 
  • Blue solution from cap did not get mixed thoroughly into saliva
  • Cap not properly sealed
  • Leakage from tube
  • Visual contamination (food, blood, etc.) detected at the Lab
  • Sample was too old by the time it reached the Lab
Please submit another sample on your regular testing schedule.
Not Detected
(Results report will read “Negative”)

If your result was determined through pooled sampling, you will see more information about the pooling process in the results report.

For more information about pooled sampling, please visit this CDC website

No action needed.

Continue submitting samples as per your regular testing schedule.


Click on “Positive” result in web app to read the results report. 

You will be contacted by a UHS staff member with instructions on next steps.

No Listing for Sample If the sample you submitted to a drop box does not appear in the web app, it was not properly scanned before submitting. You will not receive a result from this sample. Please submit another sample on the next possible day.

If you are seeking results because you have developed symptoms, you will need to be in contact with your healthcare provider for further testing and treatment, if needed. For graduate and undergraduate students, you can contact UHS at (609) 258-3141. Employees should contact their primary care provider. 


Other Testing Considerations

For more information on the contact tracing process, visit the UHS website.

To request accommodations for medical or religious reasons, send email to

For questions about accessibility, requesting accommodations or other concerns related to the asymptomatic testing protocol, please email