Eligibility and Frequency

Eligibility and Frequency

Student wearing a mask walks across the Princeton campus

Not everyone is eligible for the asymptomatic testing program, and asymptomatic testing is not available on a one-time or ad hoc basis. Individuals must meet eligibility criteria and be officially included in the testing protocol list to take part. 

For symptomatic testing (if you have symptoms of COVID and need a test), please visit UHS for your options.

Currently, all those who are test-eligible are receiving weekly email updates on Thursdays from covidtests@princeton.edu. If you are not receiving these weekly email updates, you are not currently included in the list of those that are test-eligible, and you should not be taking part in asymptomatic testing.

Eligibility Requirements

These requirements are current for the Spring 2021 semester.

All enrolled graduate students must complete this form, even if you were enrolled in the testing protocol in the fall. The form must completed by Friday, January 15. Graduate students not meeting the criteria in the table below but who have completed the enrollment form and want to opt in must begin asymptomatic testing as of Feb. 1.

Undergraduate students, once they have finished the Arrival Quarantine, will submit tests based on which residential college they are assigned to (regardless of where they are currently living). For days of the week that samples are due from undergraduates, check out the table on our Dropping Off Your Sample page

Spring 2021 Semester

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students Graduate Dependents Faculty/Staff/Researchers

Eligible if at least one of these criteria are met

  • Living on campus this semester
  • Living in the local area off campus (Mercer County or Plainsboro) and want access to campus facilities
  • Attend an in-person class of any duration
  • Approved to be physically on campus for 8 or more hours on a weekly basis
  • Live in University housing
  • Live in dorm-style University housing*


  • Are 18 or older
  • Approved through a departmental Resumption of Operations Plan to be physically on campus for 8 hours or more on a weekly basis
  • Teaching an in-person class of any duration
  • Holding in-person meetings or office hours with graduate or undergraduate students of any duration
Frequency of Testing Required twice weekly

Required twice weekly


Required twice weekly Required once weekly (twice a week for health-care workers, Campus Dining, and Department of Public Safety patrol staff)

* New Graduate College, Old Graduate College and any of the annexes (11, 15, 16 and 24 Dickinson Street, 35 and 45 University Place, 31 Edwards Place, and any residential college).

How to request eligibility 

If you believe you should be eligible for testing based on the criteria above but are not receiving regular emails from covidtests@princeton.edu, please see directions below. After you have made your request, wait until you receive an email from covidtests@princeton.edu before taking part in testing. This process may take 7-10 days from time of request to the time of receiving your welcome email. 

If you have been receiving emails from covidtests@princeton.edu but believe you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you can request removal through the same contacts below. 

  • Undergraduate students: email your Director of Student Life
  • Graduate students: email Associate Dean Lisa Schreyer at schreyer@princeton.edu
  • Graduate dependents over the age of 18 living in congregate housing: email covidtests@princeton.edu
  • Faculty, staff, researchers, and affiliates: email your departmental manager or supervisor to ensure that your name is included in your department’s Resumption of Operations Plan, or alternately, if your name should be removed from your department’s plan if you no longer meet eligibility criteria. Updates to departmental Resumption of Operations Plans can be sent to the Office of the Executive Vice President by email at covidresumption@princeton.edu.