Eligibility and Frequency

Eligibility and Frequency

Student wearing a mask walks across the Princeton campus

All Princeton University faculty, staff, students and affiliates returning to the campus are required to participate in the COVID-19 Asymptomatic Testing Program. More information about eligibility by status is below. 

Who is Eligible for the Asymptomatic Testing Program

Eligible for Testing Program Participation Not Eligible for Testing Program Participation
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Researcher, faculty member or staff member working in a University building
  • Graduate student dependents who are over the age of 18 
  • Approved affiliates 
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Graduate dependents under the age of 18
  • Dependents of staff, faculty, and researchers


Testing Frequency

These requirements are current as of January 3, 2022. We are reviewing new guidelines from both state and federal public health authorities, and will notify campus community members if testing frequency or requirements change based on this guidance. 


Those who have already received a COVID-19 vaccine are still expected to participate in the asymptomatic testing protocol. 

As of
January 3, 2022

Fully Vaccinated Employees,
Students, Eligible Dependents, and Affiliates

Unvaccinated Employees,
Students, Eligible Dependents, and Affiliates


Fully vaccinated means: 

    • Received final dose of approved COVID vaccine more than 14 days ago; AND
    • Have uploaded evidence of vaccination status to MyUHS (graduate and undergraduate students) or VacStatus (employees and affiliates) and had that evidence verified.

Unvaccinated means: 

Frequency of Testing

Required once weekly for faculty, staff, eligible dependents, and affiliates;

Required twice weekly for undergraduates and graduate students

Required thrice weekly for students participating in
varsity, intramural, or club sports practices and competitions 

Required twice weekly for faculty, staff and students

Required thrice weekly for students participating in
varsity, intramural, or club sports practices and competitions

Undergraduate students: you will submit tests based on the residential college that you were assigned to when you came to Princeton, regardless of where you currently live. For those assigned days, review the Dropping Off Your Sample page

Graduate students, employees, eligible dependents, and affiliates: you will submit tests based on the first letter of your last name. For those assigned days, you can also review the Dropping Off Your Sample page

For all those submitting twice weekly: there should be a minimum of 3 days between when you submit your samples. Do not submit multiple samples on the same day, or even back-to-back days. 

    Testing Requirements for those not living on campus

    Here are some examples of situations where testing would and would not be required. 

    YES, testing needed during these weeks on campus:

    • On campus interacting in person with others (students, staff or faculty) for any length of time
    • On campus once a month for a few days at a time.

    NO, testing not required during these weeks on campus (fill out a Testing Absence Form for the entire time you will not be taking part in testing)

    • On campus to pick up items from the office and then depart campus.
    • On campus a few times a week when there is no one else around.
    • On campus once a week, but in a private office with no personal interactions.

    If you are not sure, participate in the asymptomatic testing program. If you are on campus regularly but believe you should not be in the program, email covidtests@princeton.edu to request exemption.

    How to Request Updates to Your Testing Status

    If you are receiving an "Action Needed" message in the testing app, that means that you are able to test, but we still need to update your testing status in our files. Here are the contacts to follow up with to make sure your testing status is correct. Once your status is updated, the "Action Needed" message will disappear in the app. 

    • Undergraduate students: email covidtests@princeton.edu
    • Graduate students: email Ellen Kellich at ekellich@princeton.edu
    • Graduate dependents over the age of 18: email covidtests@princeton.edu
    • Faculty, staff, researchers, and affiliates: email your departmental manager to ensure that your name is included in your department’s Resumption of Operations Plan, or alternately, if your name should be removed from your department’s plan if you no longer meet eligibility criteria. Managers can make updates to departmental testing rosters through the self-service tool