Dropping Off Your Sample

COVID-19 test drop box in Frick chemistry building

Where and when to drop off your sample

The daily deadline for dropping off your saliva sample in a drop box is 10:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. Samples submitted after that time will not be picked up and taken to the Lab that day. 

If you miss the 10:00 a.m. deadline on Friday, you can bring your sample in person to the testing clinic until 1 p.m. Any samples submitted after this time on Friday will be unable to be analyzed. 

Undergraduates, look to drop off your samples on the days associated with your residential college (meaning the college you were assigned to when you started at Princeton, regardless of where you are living currently). 

Drop-off Deadline


By Residential College

Graduate Students

Health Care Workers &

Public Safety Patrol Staff

Monday, 10 a.m. Butler, First, Whitman, test 1 of week Graduate students, test 1 of week (Option 1) Test 1 of week
Tuesday, 10 a.m. Forbes, Mathey, Rockefeller, test 1 of week Graduate students, test 1 of week (Option 2)  
Wednesday, 10 a.m. Butler, First, Whitman, test 2 of week    
Thursday, 10 a.m. Forbes, Mathey, Rockefeller, test 2 of week Graduate Students, test 2 of week, (Option 1)  
Friday, 10 a.m.   Graduate Students, test 2 of week, (Option 2)  Test 2 of week
  • Test-eligible employees on self-collection can submit on any day of the week, if you do so consistently (for example, every Monday). 
  • Some staff and academic departments have designated specific days for testing; if employees have not received notice from a supervisor/chair or from covidtests@princeton.edu about a designated day, faculty and staff can choose the most convenient day for them, Monday through Friday. 

Employees: If you will miss one of your designated testing dates for any reason (vacation, illness, not being on campus, etc.), please use the Testing Absence Form.

If You Are On Campus Intermittently 

Many faculty, staff, researchers, and affiliates that are eligible for testing are not on campus every week. If your presence on campus varies from week to week, only come for testing during the weeks when you will already be on campus.

You can also time your testing for when you will already be on campus. If your schedule is that you are on campus on Mondays, you can come for testing on Mondays. 

Students Residing Off Campus — Parking Guide

Undergraduate students residing off campus do not need a permit for the drop-and-go parking locations listed below. Parking in any numbered lot or garage on campus, including visitor Lot 23, is restricted, and will result in a parking citation. In addition to free short term parking (note time restrictions per lot) for undergraduates residing off campus, there are also metered spaces on University Place and Prospect Ave that students may utilize for testing drop off.

For drop-off at these locations, use free 1-hour spaces in Lot 8 or metered parking on University Place

  • Dod Hall, Entry 2 – lobby
  • Little Hall, Entry 17 near the circle
  • U-Store, vestibule
  • Blair Hall, Entry A inside archway
  • Mathey Hall, vestibule to Common Room - Entry 5 of Hamilton Hall.

For drop-off at these locations, use free College Road 2-hour spaces or metered parking on University Place

  • Bloomberg Hall, lobby entry 170W
  • Class of 1981 Hall, lobby near Community Hall entrance
  • Yoseloff Hall, Entry 2
  • Henry Hall, Entry 1
  • Wilcox Hall, 2nd Floor lobby near Julian Street Library.

228 Alexander, rear entrance. Pull around to rear of building for drop-and-go only, no parking

Drop Box Locations

Undergraduates: please refer to your emails from covidtests@princeton.edu for additional guidance on accessible drop boxes. 

Drop Box Map Feb 2021 Update With Jadwin



Drop Box Location 

Frist Campus Center 

100 Level, by ATMs 

McCosh Health Center 

Foyer (Available 24 hours a day/7 days per week)

Yoseloff Hall 

Inside Entry #2 (For Undergraduates Only)

Graduate College 

Old Grad Common Room 

Lawrence Apartments 

Building 1 Lobby 

200 Lakeside Apartments 

Administrative Office 

ReCAP (400 Forrestal Road)

Entry vestibule  

Friend Center 

Lobby by Olden St. Entrance 

693 Alexander 

1st Floor Elevator Lobby 

Firestone Library 

B-floor by Core Bathrooms and Elevator (for PUL staff only) 

200 Elm Drive 

Lobby (Available 24 hours a day/7 days per week)

East Pyne/Chancellor Green


Fisher Hall

Prospect Street Entrance

Wilcox Hall

2nd Floor Lobby, Near Julian Street Library

Lewis Thomas Lab

North Entrance

MacMillan Building

South Entrance Near Garage

Frick Chemistry Building


228 Alexander

Rear Entrance

300 Washington

Construction Trailer

Class of 1981 Hall

Lobby Near Community Hall Entrance

Bloomberg Hall

Lobby Entry 170W


Joint Entry to A,C,E

Henry Hall

Entry 1

Forbes College

Main Lobby Entry 109

Dod Hall

Entry 2 — Lobby

Little Hall

Entry 17 Near the Circle


Vestibule (Available 24 hours a day/7 days per week)

Blair Hall

Entry A Inside Archway 

Mathey Hall

Vestibule to Common Room—Entry 5 of Hamilton Hall
Stadium - Testing Clinic  Western Concourse (Washington Rd. Side)
Jadwin Gym Lobby