Students, employees, and affiliates are no longer required to submit asymptomatic test samples on a regular schedule. However, testing will still be available on demand to the campus community and the campus testing lab will process saliva samples submitted by campus community members. 

All are strongly encouraged to submit a test 6 days after being identified as a close contact with an individual who tests positive and after travel, especially international travel.

Students, employees and affiliates should not submit a test sample for 90 days after testing positive for COVID-19. This is because it is possible for a person who tested positive to continue to test positive for weeks or months even though they are not able to spread the virus to others. Because the lab employs a very sensitive PCR test, tiny amounts of residual virus may remain in the body for a period of time after an individual is no longer infectious. If you test within this 90 day window and receive a positive result, you will be required to isolate again. 

The University is requesting that the campus community voluntarily continue testing monthly to help the University monitor variants circulating on campus. To support our monitoring program, please follow the monthly testing schedule.

The University may, at its discretion, adjust testing frequency in response to public health conditions on campus or the local area.

For important information about the test and how the University may use or disclose your personal information, please read “Informed Consent for COVID-19 Testing.” Individuals participating in on-campus testing are required to agree to the terms of the consent prior to registering their test sample.

Type of test being used by Princeton

Our asymptomatic protocol uses a diagnostic test, also known as an RT-PCR test, which allows for detection of the virus’s genetic material in the sample a test participant provides. Unlike antigen tests, a confirmatory test is not required for RT-PCR tests. For more information about the different types of COVID-19 tests, see this FDA webpage.