Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine and isolation help protect the public from those who may have COVID-19 by preventing further exposure.

  • Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to COVID-19 to see if they become sick.
  • Isolation separates people who have gotten a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 from people who do not have COVID-19, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms.

Princeton has prepared our campus to offer adequate space for those students who need private locations for quarantine or isolation.

Per NJ guidelines, which follow updated recommendations from the CDC, individuals no longer need to quarantine after domestic or international travel or exposure to COVID if they are fully vaccinated.

If a student or staff member is required by University Health Services to enter quarantine or isolation during the course of the semester for any reason, there are strict guidelines that must be adhered to, which can be found on the Quarantine and Isolation for Students and Isolation for Employees pages.

If you have questions regarding quarantine or isolation guidelines, please email communityhealth@princeton.edu. A reminder: violations of quarantine or isolation are very serious threats to public health and may trigger disciplinary consequences. These guidelines are not only University policies, but also policies from local health authorities.