Memo to Undergraduates: Response to spike in COVID cases among undergraduates

Feb. 18, 2022

TO:                  All Undergraduate Students

FROM:            Jill Dolan, Dean of the College

                        W. Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life

RE:                  Response to spike in COVID cases among undergraduates 


February 18, 2022

We write because we know many of you are aware of the increase in positive COVID-19 cases among undergraduates this week.  Some of you are in isolation; others have been contact traced; others wonder why this spike has occurred now and how the University intends to respond.

Preliminary contact tracing has identified sources for this increase in cases that involve eating clubs and athletic teams, but we’re also investigating other potential connections.  The University continues to provide support to students who test positive, most of whom are experiencing only mild symptoms.

Fluctuations in case numbers like these aren’t surprising.  And we want you to know that faculty, staff, and graduate student cases remain low.  As a result, the University is not planning additional COVID mitigations right now.  We do expect, however, that you’ll continue to adhere closely to the policies now in place, including isolating, testing, and wearing masks when required by University rules.

In addition, do heed this important reminderMidterm week begins Monday, February 28, and spring break begins Saturday, March 5.  You must take good care to limit your exposure to avoid testing positive for COVID, so that you won’t be in required isolation during the exam period or during the break.

Remember, too, that you are permitted to miss class only if you’re required to be in isolation because of a positive COVID test result or in quarantine as directed by University Health Services.  Course instructors will not make alternative arrangements for students who have class conflicts because of job interviews, athletic team practices, or for any other reason.  The success of your education demands that you be present and healthy at each class meeting so that you can participate actively.  Don’t let your mid-term work suffer.

We continue to rely on your thoughtful, careful observation of current campus COVID rules.  Moving toward loosening restrictions will depend on how you prioritize your health and the health of others.

We wish you continued strength and well-being, and the clarity through which to focus on your mid-term studies and other important activities.

Our best,

Dean Jill Dolan

V.P. W. Rochelle Calhoun