What to Do if You Were Exposed

If you have been a close contact to someone who has COVID-19, you should do the following:

  • Wear a high quality face covering consistently inside.
  • Monitor how you are feeling for the next several days. If you experience any symptoms that might be associated with COVID, you should test with a rapid antigen test.
  • If you do not feel any symptoms, you should wait at least 5 days since the close contact and then test, using either a PCR or rapid antigen test.

Please visit the CDC’s website for more information on what to do if you were exposed.

You will not receive a phone call or an email that you have been identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive.

Resources for employees

Resources for students

  • Counseling & Psychological Services: 609-258-3141

  • University Health Services - Medical Services: 609-258-3141

  • For non-urgent health-related questions, email [email protected].